[BLOG] A focus on dog internal parasites


Internal parasites… We sometimes tend to forget that, when breeding dogs, we do breed them as well! Indeed, forget about the idea of parasite-free dogs: inside your kennel, parasites are almost everywhere. That’s why we do believe that it is important for breeders to learn about them. Again, knowing your enemies is the best way to face them !

That’s certainly what brought 35 breeders from Ontario to attend to the seminar we gave this week-end in our office in Guelph. The two guest speakers, Dr Jonas Goring from Idexx laboratories and myself, were glad to spend some time with this incredible audience: an entire day, all about learning and discussing, all about internal parasites!

Jonas’ presentation focussed on the main parasites encountered in Canada (Toxocara canisIsospora sp and Giardia duodenalis are the three most common ones) and gave clear indications concerning the diseases they can cause in individuals. I then focussed on how to approach them at the kennel’s level. The take-home message was clear: to face parasites, breeders need an adapted sanitary prophylaxis… which means appropriate cleaning and disinfecting. Deworming drugs are for sure part of the plan, but just a part, not the key of success to the entire plan! We finished the day by talking on those parasites we usually don’t speak about, like Baylisascaris procyonis (the raccoon roundworm), Cryptosporidium spCrenosoma vulpis and Oslerus osleri (respiratory parasites commonly found in Canada). We obviously said a few words about those parasites that can affect the reproductive function (Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum), as you know this remains my favourite topic! As I said at the beginning, a full day focussing on parasites!

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