[BLOG] A Saturday on Canine Repro !


I recently heard an interesting statement from a professor in human medicine, talking to his students:“50% of what you will learn today will be wrong or considered wrong in 10 years from now”. He was referring to the fact that medical science keeps moving forward. Do you think it is different in veterinary medicine? For sure not! This is the case in all of its different aspects, including canine reproduction! This discipline indeed keeps moving forward, getting closer and closer to what is proposed in human gynaecology and obstetrics.

As our partners know, education remains one of the top priorities of our PRO division and I think it is extremely important for breeders to be aware of those new techniques and things that are or might soon be available to them. That’s why we have several different talks on this topic. From the basics… to more advanced courses, like the one we did in partnership with the Barrie KC last Saturday in Anten Mills, ON!

Three topics were discussed:

–          Infertility in the bitch (one of my favourite!): when I started 7 years ago, we had a completely different way to deal with these cases. In the recent years ultrasonography and endoscopy have taken more importance in the diagnostic work-up; techniques like ovarian ultrasounds and even hysteroscopy can now be used in clinics.

–          Estrus induction in the canine species: Today several solutions are available. For sure we don’t have a “perfect” protocol yet, there are still different aspects to work on but in terms of breeding management it already offers new possibilities.

–          Canine neonatal mortality: in recent years new techniques and new approaches were developed in this area. There is still a lot to be done as well but again this was an opportunity to discuss some key points that breeders have to focus on when dealing with puppies !

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