[BLOG] Reproduction & poutine : the perfect mix ?


You might wonder what kind of connexion there is between reproduction and poutine, especially when this is mentioned by a veterinarian specialized in small animal reproduction! Well, absolutely none (and I would not recommend trying to find one in any mammalian species!), except the fact that we just finished a series of lectures in Quebec (homeland of the poutine!) focussing on feline and canine reproduction !

4 days, 4 different cities where I had the opportunity to meet some of breeder partners and discuss some of my favourite topics. Doing a lecture is great, I love it, but the discussion that comes along brings definitely more fun to it! We spoke on canine and feline mortality and on the different tips that any breeder can use to try to fight this threatening syndrome. I do believe it is important for breeders to keep records and be able to have a clear idea of their average neonatal mortality rate: 10-15% is somehow normal in dogs and cats, but anywhere above this definitely requires more consideration.

We also focus on reproduction and nutrition and the importance of rationing in canines during different critical stages like gestation and during weaning. Free feeding could lead to severe consequences (fat infiltration of the uterus in pregnant bitches leading to difficulties to give birth, weaning diarrhea in puppies,…), and should only be considered during lactation, the more demanding physiological stage when it comes to reproduction.

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