[BLOG] The importance of light in cat breeding !


Queens are considered as seasonal breeders, usually cycling from end of January-beginning of February til end of September-beginning of October in our Northern Hemisphere. However, depending on where you are on the globe, this might vary !

In the Southern hemisphere for instance, this will be the exact opposite. If  you are living in the intertropical regions – lucky you!-, your queens will cycle all year long! Why these differences? Well, it is nowadays well established that these are in fact related to the duration of daylight the individuals are submitted to. Indeed, light exposure is somehow critical when it comes to the queen’s cyclicity. Want to know why and how to use it at your advantage?  Have a look on the article we just released in our Publication Section, subsection Breeding (click here), to learn about the very first zootechnical procedure use in feline breeding! 

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