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Not really sure what Christopher Cross had in mind when he wrote his song, might have been about love I guess but I am pretty sure this had nothing to do with canine and feline reproduction! Indeed, this was the main content of all the 6 lectures we did last week! Brief recap of their contents !

Terrebone, QC, Wed Apr 24th Nutrition and reproduction in canine and feline species

Who said we cannot propose a talk for canine and feline breeders, because this is what we did in Terrebonne!?!? Why does this topic matter so much to me? Because there are still lots of “myths” I hear in the field: “a pregnant female should be free-fed since the beginning of pregnancy”, “calcium supplementation is mandatory during pregnancy and lactation in bitches and queens”, “goat milk is the best alternative to feed newborn kittens and puppies”…  The aim of this talk was obviously to tackle these persistent misconceptions. And also to highlight the differences between the two species! They have indeed unique reproductive traits, and especialy during gestation, the same goes for their nutrition!

Montreal, QC, Thu Apr 25th Canine and Feline Neonatology

All canine and feline professionals might one day have to take care of these immature beings. Not something really easy since this field is still an underdeveloped area the companion animal veterinary medicine (great progress was done in the recent years fortunately, but still). To better approach and deal with these neonates, it is important to know what’s normal and what’s not in terms of whelping conditions in the different species, and also have a good understanding of their neonatal physiology. Simple things like appropriate nest’s temperature and optimal feeding protocols can make great differences in terms of outcome for these fragile individuals!

Cowansville, QC, Thu Apr 25th Basics in nutrition

Sure you already heard about the Royal Canin’s philosophy: Nutrients vs Ingredients. Nutrients are more important than the ingredients we are using to access to them, this is something I completely agree with since, as a vet, this is what I was taught and how I think. The purpose of this talk was to discuss the roles of the main macronutrients (proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins), and again to tackle down some common misconceptions (for instance the fact that proteins are NOT the main source of energy for the body!). It was also an opportunity to discuss the main principles of feeding an animal collectivity. Better knowledge in this area definitely leads to better observed “clinical” results in the animal community!

Milton, ON, Sat Apr 27th Canine reproduction: what you should know when breeding bulldogs

All bulldog breeders will agree with me, because of their specific morphology, bulldogs are not easy dogs to breed (that’s why we need passionate and skilled professionals!). Fortunately, in the recent years, new techniques were developed, like genital ultrasounds and endoscopy. In Bulldogs, it helps a lot to better approach the fertility issues they might suffer from. And what about parturition? Now we have clear guidelines on how to schedule C-sections in these predisposed individuals and therefore decrease neonatal losses.  Good to know that these tools are available in veterinary clinics !

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