[BLOG] 10 interesting facts about our 2013 PRO CE campaign !

Yes, this is this time of the year again! We all feel festive, and I hope you guys found a way to somehow escape – or slow down- your daily routine for the holiday season. It is time to relax a bit and celebrate with family and friends!  2013 will soon come to an end, so it is also time to think of what happened this year… to make 2014 even better !

You all know by now that continuing education of our PRO partners is part of my activities. When I looked back, I think to myself: “Ok, 2013 was awesome. How do we do now to make 2014 even better?”  Well, I think at this point, you guys have the answer(s). These CEs are made to provide you guys with all the knowledge you need to fully live your passion (because canine and feline breeding is, at first, a passion) and to be prepared to face eventually difficult situations. Because that’s the reality of breeding: it’s not easy, and it will never be. I opened a forum thread some days ago, please participate and give us your opinion on how to make this even better next year (just click here and you’ll be redirected)! Looking for inspiration to write something thoughtful?  Well, have a look below, here are 10 interesting facts concerning our 2013’s sessions I thought are worth to remember!

Our PRO CEs in 2013

#Fact 1: In 2013, we did 103 PRO CE events. That represents +137hours of talk and +1600 attendants!

#Fact 2: We went international: I also lectured also in Mexico and in the US for our local canine breeder partners!

#Fact 3: We went online: we did series of webinars on canine and feline reproduction, reaching out to breeders all across the country! Sure we’ll do it again in 2014, I am currently working on the topics (I have lots of ideas but please let me know what you would like to hear)! BTW, if you are interested in watching the, they are all available, just browse our Blog section to find them.

#Fact 4: Top 3 topics discussed for canine breeding: Canine infertility/Parasites in breeding dogs/Genetics 101

#Fact 5: Top 3 topics discussed for feline breeding: Feline infertility/Feline infectious diseases/ Basics in Feline reproduction

#Fact 6: We offered twice a full-day seminar on ”Parasitology in canine breeding”, in partnership with Idexx Laboratories. These two seminars were done in Ontario and we hope to be able to export this idea in the other provinces next year!

#Fact 7: We partner with Minitube Canada to offer a full-day seminar on “Recent advances in Canine Reproduction” . Great day of learning, here again we will look on the opportunities to propose this type of seminar to the rest of the country.

#Fact 8: I was invited to lecture at the International Working Dog Breeding Conference. My topic: “How to set up a canine breeding center?” . Great conference that I would recommend to anybody interested in working dogs!

#Fact 9: We also did CEs for veterinarians, in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Topic: “Clinical cases in canine and feline reproduction.”

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