[BLOG] Our month of February: CE events in Ontario


I spent the month of February on the roads of Ontario, with my colleagues Sabine Maarse and Pierry McLean. Sharing knowledge is one of the priorities of our company and that’s why together we visited several of our shelter partners in the province this month. Each time indeed, we gave our talk on “Sanitation in shelters”.

Those of you who attended can confirm that this is not a formal talk, but it should rather be seen as a discussion that helps us better understand your reality and share with you this knowledge we acquired with the years we spent working with professionals in this so specific area of veterinary medicine.

Definitely a great month, I met lots of passionate people, we had wonderful discussions and we share great stories. I can’t wait to do this again in the other provinces (in fact I just had a look to my calendar and I guess I already have several dates scheduled!).

If you’re one of our shelter partners and this is something you’re interested in, remember you can ask your Royal Canin PRO representative to schedule something.  This month we touched on sanitation, but maybe in the future you would like to hear on something different. Again feel free to discuss this with your PRO representative and we’ll do the best to fit your CE needs.

Read our full blog here

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