[BLOG] PRO Community: my New Year’s resolutions

In less than 24h 2014 will come knocking at our doorsteps. Time to take some good PRO resolutions, right? Here is a short list of things I would like to do this year for our PRO community:

1/ Spend more time visiting our PRO partners in the Maritimes and the Western part of the country: most of my activities this year were in Ontario and Quebec this: we got great feedback and great interactions. Let’s go Canada-wide don’t you think?

2/ Propose more webinars: we did two main series last year (« Basics in canine reproduction » and « Basics in feline reproduction »), and that was a very convenient way to reach out to everybody. And a very funny exercise for me! Moreover the webinars were recorded (remember you can find them on our blog section) and we made them available to everybody. I have some topics in mind already, but I will accept all your propositions!

3/ Spend more time blogging: that will be one of the toughest resolution because when you travel so much, it’s not always easy to find the energy to sit down and write blog posts at the end of a working day. But let’s be crazy and try it, each time I travel and visit you guys, I hear great stories that I want to share with our PRO community. That’s the purpose of blogging isn’t it?

4/ Develop our online PRO community: Canada is a big country, it took me two years to realize but now I get it. Not easy to stay in touch with everybody? Well, it wasn’t maybe, but now with social networks we can all stay connected. I’m receiving more and more Facebook/Twitter messages from our PRO partners. Are you connected with us already? If not, look at the bottom of this post and click to friend me! Bonus: I’ll automatically add you to our private Facebook group where we can discuss relevant topics for our canadian PRO community.

5/ Stay passionate about what I am doing: that’s the easiest one, definitely! I love what I am doing and I am glad to work with so many passionate people! Because that’s what we are right, passionate about canine and feline breeding! For sure, we all know it is not always as easy as one might think. But if the passion is still burning, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our dreams !

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