[BLOG] Few shelter tips from our last trip to Northern Ontario


If you follow my blog, you know that in my current position I travel quite a lot. Well, let’s be fair, difficult to do otherwise when the territory you are supposed to cover is called Canada! However, that is definitely part of the job I enjoy the most. Traveling is always a privilege, especially when it gives you the opportunity to meet passionate people all across the countries. And the more people I met, the more great stories I have to share !

This week’s post is about a trip we did with my colleague Pierry McLean beginning of January. We went to Northern Ontario to give a couple of lectures and visit some of our shelter partners. For someone like me who was born on a tropical island, it was like traveling on another – extremely cold- planet. I am glad I survived those cold temperatures (while we were up there, somebody shared an article on Twitter saying it was colder in Canada than on Mars at that time!!!), because I can share some great tips that were used in the shelters we visited.

Read our full blog here

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