[BLOG] [E-BOOK] Feeding Shelter Cats & Dogs : what you need to know


A long long time ago in a galaxy somehow far away now, I was given what I consider one of the greatest advice I received in my life: read. Read as much as you can on everything you are interested in. For sure, the source matters (yes it does; my two cents: do not always trust Dr Google ! ). So when I got involved in Shelter Medicine, I went for the textbooks.

While reading, I bumped into this sentence :

“Good nutrition is a basic, critical component of any shelter’s wellness plan: it is essential for the maintenance of good health and an important treatment tool whose value is often overlooked”

Words of wisdom here, that’s for sure. Two parts of this sentence really caught my attention:

–       “Overlooked“: that sounded awfully familiar. I always thought that nutrition was no big deal as long as you used a good diet. My experience in the field taught me I was wrong.

–       “Good nutrition “: this one, I felt intrigued. What does it exactly mean for the pets? For the shelter staff and the volunteers? I am pretty sure if I was asking all of you, I would probably get many different answers.

Clarifying what “good nutrition” is: that will be the goal of this e-book I share with you today. Along the way, we will also share practical tips so that, when you are back in your structures, you can optimize your feeding practices. And get the best out of it.

Download our e-book here !

Hope it helps, let me know what you think !

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