[BLOG] On the road with our LifeStyle Tour


When I look around, I realise that things are not how they used to be when I was a kid, that’s a certainty! Especially when, like me, you were born on a tropical island and now live in a North-American urban city! Our society is constantly changing, evolving: new technologies, new trends, new lifestyles…

These new lifestyles do not only influence us, humans. It does also have an impact on our dogs. That is something that is now well recognized. Indoor dogs have different needs than urban ones, same as sporting dogs. One might wonder what is an indoor or an urban dog? What do we mean by sporting dog since there are so many canine sports?

That is what my colleague Sara Ritzie and myself will explain during our LifeStyle Tour across the country. This will also give us the opportunity to introduce you to a new exciting range of diets that are tailored to fit the specific nutritional needs of these different canine lifestyles.

If you reached this page, it might also be because you attended to one of these seminars. As promised you’ll find below the links to download our hand-outs:

Handout Urban & Indoor dogs – Dr Sara Ritizie

Handout Sporting & Working dogs – Dr Emmanuel Fontaine

Read our full blog here

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