[BLOG] Canine neonatology : our tips inside our e-book on the topic !


Neonatology refers to the period that goes from birth to 2-3 weeks of age. All different studies that were done on this period concur: mortality rate peaks during this period, averaging 20% of the newborns. In veterinary medicine and in herd health, this is considered quite high.

For a long time this was somehow seen as a fatality that could not be overcome. I have heard several times: “That’s the way it is, nothing we can do about it.” Good news: in 2015, that is not as true as it used to be. Veterinarians now have a better knowledge of the main factors that can impact the canine neonates’ health.

With this knowledge comes the possibility to better define preventive measures to therefore fight those consequences.

This is what we discuss in our free e-book. Feel free to download it here : 2015 E-book Canine Neonatology

I hope you will find here some answers you might have on the topic.

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