[BLOG] Current challenges in feline breeding : our e-book is available here !


I completed my last year of veterinary studies at the veterinary school of Alfort (Paris). I wanted to learn a bit more about canine reproduction before going to private practice. I wasn’t expecting what happened next. I really fell in love for the discipline. I was so fascinated that I spent the next 7 years within these walls, learning about all the different aspects of canine reproduction.

Yep, you heard me right. It was essentially “canine”.  At least at the beginning ! Things changed when we got involved in a continuing education program for cat breeders. It gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of feline breeders. To discuss with them about their passion for cats. To learn the difficulties they were experiencing. And to start thinking on what we could do to help them face those challenges.

This is what we discuss in this free e-book you can download here : 2015 Challenges in Feline Breeding

Read our full blog here

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