[BLOG] Day 4 at the NAVC : my take-aways !


Day 4 at the NAVC. Another long day with lots of interesting lectures I had the chance to attend. And as usual, this blog is the opportunity for me to share with you what I learnt today. My key take-aways below then !

On internal parasites

#1 It take 20-25 eggs of Toxocara to infect a dog. To put things into perspective, a female Toxocara can lay thousands of eggs. An an infected dog often carry more than 100 worms…

#2 14 % of the US population has Toxocara (antigen positive). This represents 46 million people !!!

On canine influenza

#3 On canine influenza virus : Incubation period : 3-5 day | Viral shedding up to 3 weeks | Subclinical shedding in around 20% dogs

#4 Canine influenza virus survives 48h on surfaces | 24h on clothing | 12h on hands. Do not skip on sanitation then !

#5 Dogs exposed to canine influenza virus should be quarantined for 5-7 days. Dogs showing clinical signs and diagnosed with canine influenza should be isolated for 3 weeks !

On rabies

#6 Approximately 60,000 people die from rabies everyday. 99% of human death by rabies is caused by dogs.

#7 That being said, in the US last year 260 cats were diagnosed with rabies vs 85 dogs.

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