[BLOG] Tritrichomonas foetus in catteries : an update


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Every week, I watch several webinars. They give me ideas for my next webinar series and they also help me keep track on what is happening in the field of veterinary medicine. And this week, I watched an interesting one. The topic : Tritrichomonas foetus in catteries.

We already wrote a post on that disease and I encourage you to take a look here if you are interested. Some interesting data were however presented here, and in my opinion they are definitely worth sharing with our breeder community.

Tritrichomonas foetus & feline populations

Here is a great quote from the speakers on T. foetus : “Adult cats keep it ; kittens multiply it and get sick. ”

The more kittens there are inside a cattery, the more the risk of infection increases as well as the clinical manifestation of the disease. Remember that many healthy cats could be considered as ” healthy carriers” for this disease.

Tritrichomonas foetus & environmental resistance

We usually refer to Tritrichomonas foetus as a pathogen which is NOT resistant in the environment (which is usually a big relief in terms of infectious diseases management). However, there is a trick here : this parasite likes humidity… and that can help it survive longer than expected in the environment, as shown on the slide below.

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