[E-BOOK] It’s all about that cough : 2016 update on Canine Upper Resp (aka Kennel Cough)


« I went to a dog show last week-end. Few days after, one dog started coughing. I did not worry so much at that time, but now it seems to spread inside my kennel ! I think that’s kennel cough I’m dealing with here ! I currently have puppies, a bitch that is pregnant… What are the risks & what can I do about it ? »

Ever heard ( or seen ) this type of discussion ? If you breed dogs, I’d bet you did. They are definitely not uncommon for us who work with dog breeders. And recently when I typed « kennel cough » in the Facebook search engine, the results were quite edifying: 88,427 people were actually talking about it!!! Somehow, it makes sense: kennel cough is indeed often cited as « THE most common infectious disease » encountered in kennels. No wonder it raises so many questions then.

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