[E-BOOK] Myth busters : 10 misconceptions in growing puppies


I have always been fascinated by the ancient Greece’s mythology. Heroes fighting monsters threatening humankind, odysseys, tragedies… As a kid I would spend entire days reading about those formidable legends, thinking of how captivating a storytelling they must have been back in the Antiquity.

As much as I enjoyed those stories however, one thing remained : they were myths. Tales. Good stories though (no wonder so many of them made it to Hollywood !), but first and foremost stories, with nothing really tangible to back them up and attest they happened to be true.

There are some similarities here with the canine breeding world. If you have been breeding dogs for a while, pretty sure you have heard some of the following statements :

– « We found Giardia in my puppies’ stools : it is terrible, they need to be treated asap ! »

– « Puppy diets are no good for puppies’ healthy growth ! »

–  « I want to straighten my puppy’s ears : I’m giving her calcium supplements ! »

All of the above are also myths. And some of them are deeply anchored for sure !

Myth = unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a [practice].

One problem here : some of them can potentially have a negative impact of the health of our puppies…

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