[BLOG] Breeding cats ? Make sure you know that one !


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Social media. My parallel universe. Where I can escape. Live up to my dreams. And connect with the world. I’m always seeking for new connections. People who like me, have a huge interest in management of kennels and catteries. People with who I can share my passion. And these days you know, I find out that this is where come from the most interesting discussions.

In my permanent quest for people like me, I recently bumped into this tweet.

The information is correct. In the general cat population at least. When we consider purebred cats however, there might be some variations. Depending on the breed. Which is, in my opinion, something every cat breeder should be aware of. Because of this disease we call neonatal erythrolysis. Complicated set of two words I agree. But no worries ! Back in the days I wrote something to clarify what it is. Don’t hesitate to read it here.

This tweet made me think of a slide that is hidden somewhere in a very old presentation of mine. I had totally forgotten about it… until now. A little voice inside my head told me that, maybe, it was about time to share this slide again. After all, what’s its benefits if it keeps hiding in an obscure folder on my computer ? Time to bring it back to life. And make it useful for the entire cat breeder online community.

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