[E-BOOK] Adoption 101 in Animal Shelters : Key Health Messages to Deliver


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When we work or volunteer in an animal shelter, there is only one goal we all lean towards : we want all of the dogs and cats in our care to be adopted. We want all of them find a new home where they can live happily ever after. All we do somehow plays a role in leading to this very moment : when the dog, or the cat, finally finds their new owner and walks through the shelter doors.

That’s why you guys have adoption processes in place that might include interviews, questionnaires, one-on-on with the new owners… If you take a look, there are lots of discussion happening on how to optimize the adoption process. I do believe this is an important discussion to have inside your structure (and if you want more information, feel free to take a look at my Pinterest board where I collect relevant posts on this topic). However, that’s not the discussion we are going to have in this e-book.

Adoption processes are critical, but I don’t believe your role in animal shelters end there. When you have found the right match for a given pet, an opportunity arise in my opinion. You have the opportunity to speak preventive veterinary care with the new pet owner. As a veterinarian, I obviously see this as “of the utmost importance.” And on that, I now have studies and data to back me up…

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