[E-BOOK] What you MUST tell your new puppy owners…


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There is a story behind all of our webinars. They often originate from an informal discussion with have with our clients in the field. Or questions or comments I receive through social media (which I definitely encourage you to keep doing, those are great source of inspiration).

This one started with such a question I read one day when opening my web browser : “ What are the key recommendations we should give our new puppy owners in your opinion ? “ Right after reading this, I started writing down my answer… And this is when I realized how complex a task it could end up being.

There are indeed so many things to tell. Each canine breed has its own specificities (after, the canine species is the most diverse species on Earth). Each puppy has its own temperament. And there are all those recommendations we could give about their general health… No doubt we could write an entire book about it.

It could turn out to be a very long discussion with the new puppy owner. Even somehow, a challenging discussion because in front of you will stand someone who is obviously over-excited about bringing a puppy home (and who wouldn’t ?). Because of this over-excitement, they might only be half-listening when you talk to them.

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