[YOUTUBE] Welcome to 2018 : First Video of the Year !

In 2018, video will be king ! Watch my first video of the year !

[YOUTUBE] Dos and Dont’s on Parturition in Queens

🇫🇷 Lire en Français ici I very often get questions on birthing in queens. Nothing abnormal here : no doubt it can be a stressful moment. Indeed, hard to predict with certainty what is going to happen when multiple kittens are expected ! As cat breeders, what should you do ? What should you NOT do … Continue reading [YOUTUBE] Dos and Dont’s on Parturition in Queens

[YOUTUBE] Let’s Talk Giant – Puppy –

Video of our last webinar during which I discussed gestation, lactation and nutritional weaning of puppies in giant breeds. 🇫🇷 Voir en Français ici