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[YOUTUBE] 10 Nutritional Truths in Cats

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[YOUTUBE] Welcome to 2018 : First Video of the Year !

In 2018, video will be king ! Watch my first video of the year !


[YOUTUBE] Dos and Dont’s on Parturition in Queens

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I very often get questions on birthing in queens.

Nothing abnormal here : no doubt it can be a stressful moment.

Indeed, hard to predict with certainty what is going to happen when multiple kittens are expected !

As cat breeders, what should you do ? What should you NOT do ?

This is why we decided to give this webinar on parturition in queens.

Cat breeders from 12 different countries attended.

One thing I can tell you for sure : we had a very good online discussion !

If you missed it,  don’t you worry, you can still watch the replay, the video is right below !

And if you have stories / anecdotes / questions, post them in the comment section below !

I’m looking forward to reading them !


[E-BOOK] At the cat show : Infectious Disease Prevention


The idea behind this e-book came from a casual discussion I once had with one of our cat breeder. He was telling me how much he loved participating to cat shows, but that he couldn’t help thinking of all those infectious diseases his cats could potentially pick up while participating to those events…

No doubt there might be a dilemma : cats shows are where breeders will show the world the results of their genetic selection efforts. This is where they will compete to be rewarded for those efforts. This is also where all cat lovers gather and where they will share good moments with friends who like them, speak and breath cats. Definitely THE place to be when one is so passionate about breeding cats.

The other side of the coin : in all textbooks, you will read that cats have an inherent predisposition for developing infectious diseases. And a gathering of cats originating from different catteries can obviously be seen as an important risk factor.  That is something that scares many cat lovers.

We cannot deny it : there is and will always be a risk. But that is the same from any kind of gathering – animal or human. The real question is : how big a risk is it ? And more importantly, can we do something about it ?

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