[BLOG] On our way to 2017 :)


Yesterday evening, it was the season finale of our 2016 PRO webinar series.

My co-presenters and I definitely lived great cyber-moments this year, and I would really like to thank everyone of you who took part in this online adventure.

Now time for me to finalize the 2017 season. If you have feedback and suggestions, send them now.

And stay tuned to know when will be our #NewAdventuresInWifi


[BLOG] Saturday’s Positive Thought


Perspective can change it all. I first wrote this as a Facebook post but then thought this definitely deserved something more permanent, like a blog 🙂

Pouring rain, snowflakes… The day did not start in a very engaging way. But then I gave one of my favourite talk. I was given cool Labrador outfit that will definitely keep me warm. Pretty cool day after all 😄

So don’t focus too much on the weather and everything that happens around. In the end, what really matters is what you do, live and experience 

#SharingKnowledge #PRONation