[BLOG] Infectious Diseases Prevention : My Top 20 Tips in Animal Shelters


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Some might think that scientific communication is « only » about… communication. Somebody creates a powerpoint, gives it to you and you just have to show up and elaborate on what appears on screen. Well, let me tell you : fortunately, there is a little bit more of creativity involved here !

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[BLOG] Have you heard Candyce’s story ?

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Lecturing is part of the job of a scientific communication officer. We hit the road and we share knowledge. As much as we can. And that feels great ! The best part in my opinion ? The preliminary phase, when you work on this message you want to deliver. Because I don’t think we should sum it up to filling PowerPoint slides with bullet points and text…

Great talks use stories to give life to their message. And my colleague Dr Bob Clement recently shared with me a great one : the story of Candyce the cat. Together we turned it into a presentation we recently delivered during an animal shelter conference.

If you want to get a a better idea, I let you take a look at the slides here :

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