[BLOG] Weaning diarrhea in kittens: what you should know, what you can do !


Weaning diarrhea in kittens is something I am often asked about, certainly because this is a really common syndrome observed in feline breeding units. To tell the truth, it is almost normal to see softer kittens’ stools at weaning. These individuals are indeed transitioning from milk to solid food while their digestive tract and enzymatic capacities have not reached yet their full abilities. The goal is therefore to decrease as much as possible the severity of these symptoms, since young kittens affected with a gastro-intestinal disease can quickly become dehydrated.

What can be done then?

First thing, according to me, is to have an idea of the risk factors that can be found in your breeding structure:

Then know the appropriate measures to take to face those different risk factors:

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