Hello World !

I’m Emmanuel.

I’m a Veterinarian | Speaker | Blogger | Dreamer .

You can read more on my resume here on LinkedIn. (and if you enjoy my posts, don’t hesitate to endorse me there for some of the referenced skills, or even better, write me a recommendation, that would be amazing ūüôā ).¬†

I’ve been blogging from a few years now on topics that are dear to me : dog & cat reproduction and shelter medicine.

I worked during 7 years in those fields at the veterinary school in Alfort (Paris, France), and always considered blogging as a fantastic way to share this expertise I acquired over the years.

This is something I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts for quite a while now, in fact¬†since I published my very first blog back in 2010.

In my new life in Canada, I also grew an interest for content production : crafting and delivering content (whether it is a presentation, a blog, a webinar or an e-learning module) is something I really got into when I realized how big a difference it could make.

One day, I went for a walk. When I came back, I decided I wanted to regroup all of the things I’ve created during the last years. And this website was born.

Hope you will find here something interesting and who knows, even inspiring.

This is where I share everything I create.

Enjoy your trip here ! And feel free to connect, I’d love this !¬†