[BLOG] TCI vs Surgical AI ? Some elements here !


Last November, we had a great seminar focusing on “Recent Advances in Canine Reproduction” (see here) in Ontario, in partnership with Minitube Canada. One of the lectures was focusing on TCI (=Trans Cervical Insemination), a technique that uses vaginal endoscopy to visualize and catheterize the cervix of the bitch in order to perform an intra-uterine insemination. I am a big fan of this technique: I was using it daily in my previous position at the canine repro center in Paris.  I asked my colleague from Minitube, Dr John Verstegen, if he could share with us two of his slides. You’ll find them below, it’s a comparison between TCI and surgical AI (aka “surgical implant”). Definitely worth having a look in my opinion !

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