[BLOG] #QuickFact : The 35 Day Rule

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I received an interesting email today.  

« I’m dealing with a pregnancy arrest in a bitch. Should I do something ? »  

How to answer this ? Well, remember the « 35 Day Rule » .  

In a bitch or a queen, pregnancy arrest that happens BEFORE 35 days post-ovulation will lead to embryonic resorption.  

Understand that dead embryos will literally be « digested » by the uterine walls.

You will see nothing. You might not even notice if you did not do an early pregnancy diagnosis.  

I wrote a blog on this, you can read it here.

If pregnancy arrest happens AFTER 35 days post-ovulation, you will typically observe an abortion.  

Which means that this time, YOU WILL SEE « something » – blood, organic debris,…- coming out from the vulva of the bitch/queen.  

In the case of an abortion, your veterinarian might need to help the expulsion of some of the material in the uterus.  

Typically however, this is not something required when dealing with an embryonic resorption,  

That’s what I call the « 35 Day Rule ». 

And it is the #QuickFact I wanted to share with you today on canine & feline reproduction.  


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