[BLOG] Puppy & Kitten Bottle Feeding : The Essentials (2022)

I recently posted a series of short videos on puppy & kitten bottle feeding. Those contains the essentials everyone should keep in mind when doing this. Thought I’d compile them all together in one blog so they can be found more easily ! And if you want to learn more about milk replacers, don’t forget to check this article I wrote about this topic, you can find it HERE

Why cow’s & goat’s milks are NOT ideal for newborn puppies ?

Because their Energy & Osmolality are NOT adapted !

The most common error when using a powder based puppy milk replacer ?

Adding too much or not enough water !

The consequence ?

Diarrhea and/or constipation for the neonates !


What is the right position to bottle-fed newborn puppies and kittens ?

Spoiler alert : NOT like a newborn human baby !!!

What MUST you do BEFORE bottle-feeding a newborn puppy or kitten ?

This is why you always need to have a thermometer !

One of the most common challenge we encounter in breeding kennels is NEONATAL MORTALITY. 

It can be very frustrating… even heart-breaking.

Good news though : you can do something about it ! 

We now have more knowledge than ever in this discipline. 

In recent years, new research brought us a much better understanding of what can be done to optimize the health of newborn puppies.

By taking this course, this is what you will learn indeed ! 

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