Veterinary Pediatrics : The “Classic”

Veterinary pediatrics used to look like this :

We would see the puppy or kitten for the first time typically for their second vaccination. 

Then we’d see them again around 6 months for spaying and neutering. 

And then, we’d see them around a year of age for their booster shots. 

In between ? Nothing… 

What can happen during these periods ? Basically, everything… 

So I’d suggest to move… to something like this. 

It is borrowed from the recommendations that were given by the authors of the pediatric growth curves. 

This monitoring is a great way to prevent overweight and obesity conditions – and also to ensure that, during this critical pediatric period, key health messages are shared efficiently. 

No doubt that this is definitely needed ! 

Want to access the full lecture ? Find out more HERE


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