Advances in Canine & Feline Neonatology (2022)

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Here are some links to further resources to explore this topic !


Low and very low broth weight in puppies : definitions, risk factors and survival in a large-scale population (Mugnier et al, 2020)

Birth weight as a risk factor for neonatal mortality : breed-specific approach to identify at-risk puppies (Mugnier et al, 2019)

Purebred puppy growth from birth to the age of two months : creating breed reference growth curves (Lecarpentier & Martinez, 2017) – French only –

Neonatal & Pediatric growth of the kitten : breed description and variation factors (Cisek, 2021) – French only –

NeoCare – 5 Years of Science to Improve the Health of Newborn Puppies (2016)

Association between birth weight and risk of overweight at adulthood in Labrador dogs (Mugnier et al, 2020)

Canine Milk Replacers (Fontaine E, 2021)


The Neocare website