Veterinary Paediatrics… Revisited (2022)

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Here are some links to further resources to explore this topic !


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Assisting Decision-Making on Age of Neutering for 35 Breeds of Dogs : Associated Joint Disorders, Cancers and Urinary Incontinence (Hart et al, 2020)

Effects of metronidazole on the fecal microbiome and metabolize in healthy dogs (Pilla et al, 2020)

The conundrum of feline trichomonosis : the more we learn, the “trickier” it gets (Looking et al, 2017)

Canine Microbiome Dysbiosis (Suchodolski J, 2022)

Protect the Microbiota (Jan Suchodolski, recording from the 2020 Royal Canin Vet Symposium)

Canine Milk Replacers (Fontaine E, 2022)

Natural and artificial hyperimmune solutions : impact on health in puppies (Mila et al, 2016)


World Health Organization “Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development Framework”

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