[BLOG] Puppies : when can they go outside ?


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When should we allow our puppies to get outside? When should we allow contact with other dogs from our own pack? One thing I can tell you: those questions are definitely not that simple to answer! Here are however few elements to take into consideration to find out what fits best to your specific situation.


Young animals are considered to have been vaccinated when they have had at least two injections at the age of 8 then 12 weeks. With this protocol, most puppies are protected against the diseases covered by the vaccines.

In theory, they should not be allowed outside until they have had the second injection.

… vs socialization !

However, that’s the theory. One thing to never lose sight of: as breeders you want to raise pets. Socialized individuals that will bring joy and happiness to their owners.

From a behavioural standpoint therefore, it is very important that a young animal of this age be confronted with different situations, to ensure that it grows into a socialized adult. Animals that have not yet received their second injection can therefore be let out, but only in places where the risk of infection for the animal is low. The key here: clearly define what a low-risk place is.

Dos and don’t dos to make the right decision !


 Wait until after nutritional weaning has been conducted to confront puppies with different situations;

–  Allow puppies to access to the low-risk areas of your kennel (basically everywhere if all your animals are healthy exception made of your quarantine);

– Allow contact only with other healthy adults from your kennel (under your supervision).

Don’t dos:

–  Allow contact with individual dogs that are not from your kennel; they might not be sick but they might carry different microbes that could potentially harm your puppies;

– Walk puppies to dog parks;

– Not take any precautions when putting puppies in contact with human beings that have been in contact with other dogs or kennels (hand-washing is a simple measure that can make a big difference) ;

This is a pretty succinct list of things you need to focus on. I would love to read what you consider important when trying to answer the aforementioned question! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!


One thought on “[BLOG] Puppies : when can they go outside ?

  1. Thank you for very useful information! Many breeders doesn’t know even a 10% of it, it’s very nice of you to share it.


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