[BLOG] Estrus Induction : Yes We Can in Canines

As I write those lines, I’m currently on a plane. Somewhere above Africa. On my way to Johannesburg. 

You’ll never know when inspiration strikes.

“I never see her in season Doc. Anything we can do about that ?” 

That is a discussion I had a long time ago with a dog breeder client. 

She was breeding Yorkies. 

And for one of her bitch, she was never able to detect when/if she was in season.

She called it “ghost heats”. I prefer “silent heats”. I think I even already write on this topic.

See my blogs here :

The truth about Silent Heats Part I

The truth about Silent Heats Part II

In my experience, silent heats are more often encounterd in small breeds. 
But to be fair, it can be seen in any sized bitch. 

Rule of thumb that you will often hear me say : “Everything is possible in biology.”

Coming back to our story : my Yorkie breeder was wondering how to deal with her silent heat situation.

Obviously, I had a few work-around solutions. 

Let just speak about one of them here : something we call “estrus induction”.

Estrus induction = medical protocol to initiate the bitch’s season. 

Yes. We can do that in veterinary medicine. 

Thanks to molecules called dopamine- or GnRH-agonists. 

I did my PhD on the late one. I remember how happy I was with the results. 

I even wrote a scientific paper on this. You can check it here.

What can you expect from these protocols ? Answers in the video below, in which I review them all.

When can we do that in the bitch ? 

Only when we are sure that there is no hormonal disbalance. 

There are a few preliminary tests (hormonal assays, ovarian ultrasounds) to ensure there is no contra-indications.

Like an ovarian cyst for instance.

Estrus induction can be attempted if there is none. 

It can lead to fertile heats. It helps obtain puppies. 

And in tricky cases like this one, it would be a great option. 

We can do pretty amazing things today. 

We have powerful tools.

They can help us achieve great results. When properly used.

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