[BLOG] Estrus Induction : Yes We Can in Canines

As I write those lines, I’m currently on a plane. Somewhere above Africa. On my way to Johannesburg. 

You’ll never know when inspiration strikes.

“I never see her in season Doc. Anything we can do about that ?” 

That is a discussion I had a long time ago with a dog breeder client. 

She was breeding Yorkies. 

And for one of her bitch, she was never able to detect when/if she was in season.

She called it “ghost heats”. I prefer “silent heats”. I think I even already write on this topic.

See my blogs here :

The truth about Silent Heats Part I

The truth about Silent Heats Part II

In my experience, silent heats are more often encounterd in small breeds. 
But to be fair, it can be seen in any sized bitch. 

Rule of thumb that you will often hear me say : “Everything is possible in biology.”

Coming back to our story : my Yorkie breeder was wondering how to deal with her silent heat situation.

Obviously, I had a few work-around solutions. 

Let just speak about one of them here : something we call “estrus induction”.

Estrus induction = medical protocol to initiate the bitch’s season. 

Yes. We can do that in veterinary medicine. 

Thanks to molecules called dopamine- or GnRH-agonists. 

I did my PhD on the late one. I remember how happy I was with the results. 

I even wrote a scientific paper on this. You can check it here.

What can you expect from these protocols ? Answers in the video below, in which I review them all.

When can we do that in the bitch ? 

Only when we are sure that there is no hormonal disbalance. 

There are a few preliminary tests (hormonal assays, ovarian ultrasounds) to ensure there is no contra-indications.

Like an ovarian cyst for instance.

Estrus induction can be attempted if there is none. 

It can lead to fertile heats. It helps obtain puppies. 

And in tricky cases like this one, it would be a great option. 

We can do pretty amazing things today. 

We have powerful tools.

They can help us achieve great results. When properly used.

[BLOG] Kennels & Catteries : Always Remember The Big 3

big 3 blog

« Big 3 »… Rhymes with Micheal, Denis and Scottie. Dwayne, Lebron & Chris. Tony, Manu & Tim.

Sounds pretty obvious, right ? I’m a NBA fan, clearly !

But I’m also a veterinarian working with kennels and catteries.

When I mention the « Big 3 » in my lectures, it has nothing to do with basket-ball unfortunately.

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[BLOG] Pyometra : The Best Way To Prevent It

pyo blog

«  What is the best way to prevent pyometra ? »

My answer, in one word : «  Gestation. »

The person I was talking to sounded surprised. «  Really ? I was thinking more of an antibiotic treatment. »

And I can understand why she would think that.

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[BLOG] The Maternity : What I was reminded of while traveling

Copy of jollyholiday-2

A week ago I was in Jakarta, Indonesia to give a series of lecture on sanitation in kennels & catteries.

Jakarta is famous for its super-dense traffic… and I surely experience that ! I was told beforehand not to be scared about the amount of motorbikes and scooters I would see. And for sure, while we were driving those busy streets, there were quite a few surrounding our car. Nearly at all time !

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[BLOG] Newborn Puppy | Energy | Immunity


Time flies. A month ago I was in Vienna, Austria. Still seem like yesterday to me.

I was attending the 2017 EVSSAR conference [EVSSAR is the European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction]. I just love this conference. This is where I did my first presentations. This is where I learn about what’s new in my field of expertise. This is where I meet all my veterinary friends who do the same as me. That sounds pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree ?

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[BLOG] Kittens & Transport: What You Must Tell Their Owners


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Number 1 priority these days in catteries? Prevent the consequences of stress. This is of the utmost importance for kittens. Especially when they are leaving your cattery to go to their new owners’ place.

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[BLOG] Spaying & Neutering : the Rule of Diestrus


This Friday, I’m doing a presentation on « Spaying and Neutering in Canines & Felines ».

While polishing my Powerpoint, I couldn’t help but smile.

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[BLOG] Feline Reproduction : she just delivered… and is now back in season ?!?!?

blog cat repro

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When it comes to reproduction, the feline species never ceases to amaze me. Despite our ever growing understanding of the hormonal mechanisms behind the reproductive function, things that are theoretically not possible might be seen from time to time in queens. It definitely reminds us that biology is drastically different from mathematics ! Feline reproduction is still an open book, no doubt that more research is still needed to unravel all those mysteries !

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[BLOG] Risk of dystocia in the bitch: what about elective C-section ?

blog csection

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One of the most stressful moment when you breed dogs is definitely parturition. Bitches are what we call a polytocous species (=they usually give birth to several offsprings) so whelping might not always go as “smoothly” as we expect. I previously wrote a blog on those risk factors that can be identified beforehand to determine if a bitch is at risk (or not) to present a dystocia (=difficulty to give birth).

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