The Veterinary Pediatric Consultation : Two Sides of a Coin, None to Be Neglected ! (2022)

What would I want to tell the owners of my puppy and kitten patients when I see them in consultations ?

My Top 3

Well, I’d definitely want to talk about vaccinations… I have seen way too many cases of parvo and panleuk because people thought vaccines were optional… So that is something I must discuss.

I want to tell them about deworming, as I have been literally “traumatized” by those reports of kids losing sight because they were infected by roundworms. This is an important one here as well for me… 

I want to tell them about nutrition because I have seen lots of mistakes done – and it is the opportunity to teach them good habits. 

I want to tell them obviously about spaying & neutering – after all, that is my area of expertise, I could speak hours just on this 😄

Yep – those are my Top 3 – definitely the first thing that came to mind when I gave it some thoughts.

I see those as key elements in veterinary preventive medicine.

But am I on the same page with what my clients think ?

Look at this ! 

This slide comes from the 2015 Banfield State of Pet Health Survey that is conducted on a regular basis by Banfield, a US chain of veterinary clinics. 

You can check it here – it is quite interesting !

It highlights a disconnect between veterinarians and pet owners… on the definition of preventive care actually. 

As you can see, for pet owners, preventive care means nutrition, exercise, the animal’s emotional well-being…

Quite different from my Top 3 actually !  

I indeed focused heavily on parasite prevention, vaccination, spaying and neutering… but where are those areas of concerns that are highlighted by the pet owners here ? 

Two sides of a coin : none to be neglected. 

On top of that, this is a critical period during which pet owners have lots of questions so we need to make sure we integrate those elements as well in the pediatric consultations in our veterinary clinics.

Sure – in the end, it leads to a very long list of key health messages to share during puppies’ and kittens’ pediatric phase.

But that’s for the better, don’t you think ?

Veterinary pediatrics is a booming field in veterinary medicine. This blog is an extract of my 2022 presentation “Veterinary Pediatrics Revisited”. Want to access the full lecture ? Check HERE.


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