[BLOG] Timing of ovulation in canines: 3 take-away messages from our previous webinar


Mistimed breeding is from far the most common cause of infertility in canines. That’s why, end of April, we did this webinar reviewing all the different techniques available today to perform timing of ovulation in bitches. In case you missed it, you’ll find below the video we recorded during this online event, don’t hesitate to watch it. This webinar generated lots of questions (the Q&A can be seen here ) – which is great, because the more questions we get the better we understand your daily challenges and the more we can figure out the best way to help! Thought it would be good to write down what I consider the 3 take-away messages from this online session !

  • Quantitative progesterone assays : the gold standard

Even if some researchers I know might say that quantitative LH assays should be considered as the “real” gold standard, from a practical standpoint there is no doubt that quantitative progesterone assays are the most interesting technique today in veterinary medicine. This is what gives us the best fertility results. Keep in mind however that, more than the value you get after  performing the assay, it is its interpretation which is crucial. Your vet’s expertise is key here!

  • Combining different techniques helps decrease the costs

Many techniques are not accurate enough to properly determine alone the day of ovulation in the bitch. However, some of them can sometimes be combined with quantitative progesterone assays in order to decrease the number of progesterone tests required. For instance progesterone assays could be started only after observing an estrus vaginal smear.

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