[BLOG] What should be the weight of your pregnant queen ?


A few months ago, I wrote the following blog : what should the weight of your pregnant bitch ?

I’ve been asked since then if the excel calculator this blog contains could be used for queens as well. If you regularly read our blog, you already know the answer : it is not the case ! The way we feed a queen during gestation does differ !

In this previous blog on dogs I told you how much I loved maths. Creating the same type of file for cats should therefore not be something very complicated, I just needed to find some time to sit down and focus… which I finally did earlier this week !

The general concepts on why overweight can be a problem during gestation are the exact same whether you deal with dogs and cats, so don’t hesitate to refer to my previous post to better understand what I mean. Only the mathematical model we use change.

Read our full blog here

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