[BLOG] Newborn Puppy | Energy | Immunity


Time flies. A month ago I was in Vienna, Austria. Still seem like yesterday to me.

I was attending the 2017 EVSSAR conference [EVSSAR is the European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction]. I just love this conference. This is where I did my first presentations. This is where I learn about what’s new in my field of expertise. This is where I meet all my veterinary friends who do the same as me. That sounds pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree ?

This year again I sat in many lecture rooms. I learned new things. I probably should write about them on my blog. Mmm, why « should »… I will, definitely !

But one thing at a time. The topic that really resonated with me this year : canine neonatology.

And I really want to tell you about this short communication named :

«  Respective Impact of passive immune transfer and energy provision on puppies survival. » 

There was a graph that was presented that really spoke to me. Here is what it looked like.

graph evssar

Neonatal mortality in puppies depending of energy and immune status from Chastant et al, 2017 in Proceedings of the XXth EVSSAR Congress, p55

It highlights the canine neonatal mortality rate (numbers in black) during the neonatal period (from 0 to 21 days after birth).

It highlights that, to better prevent neonatal mortality in puppies, two things must be provided to the newborns : energy. And immunity.

Ok… but from a practical standpoint, what does it mean for you guys in the field?

#1 Right after the birth of the puppies, immediately identify those that are at risk.

Learn how to do that in this e-book we wrote on the topic 

#2 Those that are identified at-risk must receive as much colostrum as possible. Because remember, colostrum = immunity + energy. Remember it is all about timing !

Quick Reminder in this blog here 

#3 This means that a colostrum substitute (providing energy and immunity) or at least a milk replacer (providing energy) will ALWAYS come in handy ! That is definitely something you should always keep available in your maternity.

Pretty simple I agree. But look at the numbers.

Those pieces of advice sound simple… but they will make a huge difference in kennels !


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