[BLOG] The Maternity : What I was reminded of while traveling

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A week ago I was in Jakarta, Indonesia to give a series of lecture on sanitation in kennels & catteries.

Jakarta is famous for its super-dense traffic… and I surely experience that ! I was told beforehand not to be scared about the amount of motorbikes and scooters I would see. And for sure, while we were driving those busy streets, there were quite a few surrounding our car. Nearly at all time !

This is when I noticed it : several bike drivers were wearing the exact same green apparel.

Green jackets, green helmets. All wearing the same logo…

«  Mmm… what is that ? » I asked.

«  Oh, this is Go-Jek ! »

Here I was introduced to an interesting concept : if you live in Jakarta, Indonesia and you are in need of – basically – anything… well, you can « Go-Jek » it…

It is an app that connects you with a courrier. You ask for something – nearly anything from what I could judge – via the app… and it will be delivered right at your doorstep… 24/7.

I had never seen/heard of something similar before. And this is when I realized I might need to modify one part of my talk.

One of the lecture I was giving indeed focused on management of the maternity in kennels and catteries.

This presentation always provides me with an opportunity to remind dog & cat breeders about some of the difficulties they might face when their bitch or queen is giving birth.

Like dystocia (=difficulties to give birth). And agalactia.

Agalactia simply means that the bitch or the queen is not producing any milk.

I think we can agree : when you have newborn kittens & puppies, this will be a problem, definitely.

If you breed dogs or cats, you need to be aware that this problem exist. Because obviously, you are predisposed to encounter it.

That’s what I tell you guys in my talks. This is why I tell you to always keep some milk replacer handy.

Unless you live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Because then, you might be able to « Go-Jek » it.

That being said, you may not live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Like most people I know, you may not have the ability to « Go-jek » the things you forgot to get before your bitch or your queen starts delivering.

That explains my piece of advice to you today : when you know your bitch/queen is about to give birth, ALWAYS be ready.

Expect the unexpected.

2 females out of 3 will give birth in the middle of the night. Very often, if you need something, you will need it immediately.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, your options to buy what you need might be – most of the time – pretty limited.

In your maternity, I believe you always need at least those 3 things :

A scale.

A thermometer.

And some canine/feline milk replacer.

If you wonder why, check this e-book I recently wrote on Advances in Canine Neonatology

Something I learn along the way : anticipate the challenges.

And be prepared fo eventually face them. Always.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure you have everything handy when the whelping date is approaching.

Until we have « Go-Jek »-like systems available anywhere across the globe, that will remain the best way to face some of the challenges of canine/feline breeding !


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