The Secrets of Kitten Growth: The Game-Changing Study You Need to Know About

I have been waiting for a tool like this for a while now – a study that creates evidence-based growth standards for healthy kittens.

And here it is now, fresh off the press. Wow ! 

From kitten data collected in the USA and the UK, the researchers constructed growth curves for male and female kittens – and those are available to all of us now !   

This research is a game changer for pet health… as it helps us better understand the optimal growth of domesticated cats and – more importantly – potentially identify patterns in growth that may reflect the overall health of the animal !

Again – wow ! 

The study is open-access and can be checked here

The thing to remember is that a normal growth pattern should navigate between two centiles lines (which are all those lines you see on the charts). 

If it crosses two centile lines upwards, or downwards, GROWTH ALERT ! A veterinary check is required !

It clearly highlights the importance of monitoring growth patterns and taking action if a kitten’s growth deviates from the standards.

Obviously, the study is not perfect (actually, no studies are) : these growth standards are indeed specific to domestic shorthair kittens and may not apply to other breeds or cats with different lifestyles. 

However, it provides a valuable starting point for understanding healthy growth patterns in kittens and identifying potential concerns…. 

So this is a – great – beginning ! I can’t wait to see where we go from there, and what else we will learn to ensure that our kittens grow up to be happy and healthy cats.

You can access the kitten growth charts HERE (yep the page says Puppy Growth Charts but just scroll down to find the Kitten ones 🙂

One of the most common challenge we encounter in breeding kennels is NEONATAL MORTALITY. 

It can be very frustrating… even heart-breaking.

Good news though : you can do something about it ! 

We now have more knowledge than ever in this discipline. 

In recent years, new research brought us a much better understanding of what can be done to optimize the health of newborn puppies.

By taking this course, this is what you will learn indeed ! 

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