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Optimizing Growth and Development in Puppies and Kittens: Lessons from Human Medicine

Discover how growth charts for puppies and kittens can revolutionize how we care for them. By using insights from human medicine, we can identify and intervene early on with failure to thrive, ensuring optimal growth and development for these young animals.

Gestational Toxemia in Dogs: Detect, Diagnose, and Prevent this Life-Threatening Condition

One of the biggest threats during pregnancy is gestational toxaemia, which can pose a serious risk to the health of both the mother and her fetuses. Understanding the signs and symptoms of this disorder, and having knowledge of the appropriate diagnostic and treatment methods, is crucial to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the dam and the litter.


The Science of Canine Litter Size

As a breeder or veterinarian, understanding the factors that influence the size of a litter of puppies is crucial. Maternal factors such as breed, age, and breeding method all play a role in determining the average litter size of dogs. In this comprehensive blog, we explore the science behind the relationship between these factors and the impact they have on the well-being of both mothers and their newborns. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of canine breeding and learn about the critical importance of litter size.

Puppies snuggled up together in a warm basket, representing the importance of maternal health for puppy well-being at birth.

Boosting Puppy Health: Key Maternal Factors

As a veterinarian or breeder, it is crucial to understand the various maternal factors that have an impact on the health of puppies at birth. Every pup has the potential to grow into a strong, healthy dog, but ensuring their well-being starts from the moment they are born. From the mother's diet and physical condition to the environment in which she gives birth, there are several key factors that play a role in the overall health and development of the litter. In this blog, we will explore some of the most critical maternal factors that can affect puppies' health and well-being, and provide tips and recommendations to maximize the chances of a successful birth

Happy and Healthy Mother Dog with Her Litter of Puppies: A Guide to Personalized Care in Breeding and Rearing

Understanding and Managing Neonatal Mortality in Your Dog Breeding Program

Breeding healthy and thriving puppies is the goal of every dog breeder. But, to achieve this goal, it's important to understand and monitor the neonatal mortality in your breeding program. Neonatal mortality refers to the number of deaths of puppies within the first three weeks of life and is influenced by various factors, including genetics, maternal care, and environmental conditions. In this blog, we dive into the key elements that contribute to neonatal mortality and provide practical tips and insights on how to reduce it and ensure the success of your breeding program. From proper nutrition and disease prevention for the dam, to effective management during pregnancy and delivery, we cover it all. Read on to learn how to make the future of your breeding program bright.

Maximizing Puppy Survival: A Guide to Personalized Care in Breeding and Rearing

Are you a breeder or pet owner looking to ensure the best possible care for your pregnant dog and her litter of puppies? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the key actions to take to maximize puppy survival, including personalized check-ups from a veterinarian, properly measuring food and supplements, and providing a healthy environment for the mother dog. Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your furry family the best care possible. Read on to learn more about maximizing puppy survival!

The Secrets of Kitten Growth: The Game-Changing Study You Need to Know About

I have been waiting for a tool like this for a while now - a study that creates evidence-based growth standards for healthy kittens. And here it is now, fresh off the press. Wow !  From kitten data collected in the USA and the UK, the researchers constructed growth curves for male and female kittens … Continue reading The Secrets of Kitten Growth: The Game-Changing Study You Need to Know About

The Veterinary Pediatric Consultation : Two Sides of a Coin, None to Be Neglected ! (2022)

What would I want to tell the owners of my puppy and kitten patients when I see them in consultations ? My Top 3 Well, I'd definitely want to talk about vaccinations… I have seen way too many cases of parvo and panleuk because people thought vaccines were optional… So that is something I … Continue reading The Veterinary Pediatric Consultation : Two Sides of a Coin, None to Be Neglected ! (2022)

Veterinary Pediatrics : The “Classic”

Veterinary pediatrics used to look like this : We would see the puppy or kitten for the first time typically for their second vaccination.  Then we’d see them again around 6 months for spaying and neutering.  And then, we’d see them around a year of age for their booster shots.  In between ? Nothing…  … Continue reading Veterinary Pediatrics : The “Classic”

[BLOG] Puppy & Kitten Bottle Feeding : The Essentials (2022)

I recently posted a series of short videos on puppy & kitten bottle feeding. Those contains the essentials everyone should keep in mind when doing this. Thought I'd compile them all together in one blog so they can be found more easily ! And if you want to learn more about milk replacers, don't forget … Continue reading [BLOG] Puppy & Kitten Bottle Feeding : The Essentials (2022)